Benefits of Using FRS

Achieves the quality that you desire at a lower cost

  • FRS provides your Annual and Interim Financial Reports in a smart and well presented format
  • FRS reduces the turnaround time of producing Annual and Interim Financial Reports
  • FRS reduces the number of drafts to a target of four (preliminary, pre-audit, audit adjustments, final tax adjustments)
  • FRS reduces your financial reporting preparation costs
  • FRS allocation of general ledger account ensures consistency from year to year
  • FRS provides flexibility of wording while maintaining integrity of numbers
  • FRS has automatic note number references, automatic links between numbers (such as note to balance sheet) and automatic rounding
  • FRS prepares the cash flow statement using our  “Cash Flow Calculator” tool
  • FRS provides accounting technical support in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards

True integration with audit and tax

We  provide:

  • the  auditors with audit lead schedules(exported to Excel for their convenience)
  • the auditors with draft Annual and Interim Financial Reports prior to their post year end audit commencing
  • you and the auditors a compare document between each draft to facilitate a review of changes made
  • tax agents with schedules to assist them with the tax return
  • you assistance in the preparation of deferred tax calculations and UIG 1052 adjustments

Reduces staff issues

  • FRS frees up your time to allow you to concentrate on your real job – the day-to-day management and running of the business
  • FRS eliminates the technical burden of keeping your staff up-to-date on financial reporting requirements
  • FRS reduces the internal statutory burden especially at a time of reduced finance headcount